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Elaina Mule, BSILR '10

International Labour Organization
International Institute for Labour Studies
Spring 2009


The Credit Internship Program took me to Geneva, Switzerland, in Manapsal, Mule, Samovia & Louise spring 2009 ilothe Spring of 2009 where I researched the informal economy and social protection programs in developing countries in the  International Institute for Labor Studies of the International Labor Organization. My research involved literature reviews, data compilation, and policy evaluation summaries for my supervisor's chapter in the annual "World of Work" report.

Not only have I been able to enhance and develop my research and analysis skills, but I was able to interact, both intellectually and personally, every day with people from almost every region of world. This has helped me to better understand and appreciate economic and social issues from many diverse aspects, allowing me to expand my views in a way I had never done before. This intellectual and professional stimulation was especially fostered through the unique opportunities I had throughout my internship such as attending sessions of the International Labor Conference, watching a presentation by Joseph Stiglitz, and being involved in running an educational course for Delegates from Africa and Asia.

I have formed close relationships with my supervisors and other interns, who cover almost the entire map in terms of their nationalities. I have traveled to over 15 countries in my six months
in Geneva, and the personal growth achieved from my internship and experiences abroad, along with the ties I have made, is something I will value for the rest of my life.
ILO spring 2009 interns in venice

- Elaina Mule, BSILR '10