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Student Profile

David Asser, BSILR '13

Warner Music Group, NY

David AsserFor my last semester as a Cornell student, I decided to expose myself to an unfamiliar industry by working at Warner Music Group in Manhattan, NY. Doing a credit internship is not common for second semester seniors but it is something I would highly recommend for students who want to stand out in a crowd of hundreds of equally qualified classmates. I had never worked in entertainment before and felt that the HR/recruiting department of one of these companies would allow me to better understand what goes into making the media we consume every day.

As a talent acquisition intern I assisted in the recruitment of new hires. This included Marketing VPs all the way through to Graphic Designers right out of college. I learned the standard practices of requisition searches on many levels. From processing applicants that directly sought employment with WMG to specific searches for applicants that were already employed but fit the WMG culture and job requirements.

I was also involved in pipelining projects that would allow WMG to become a greater presence on college campuses in California, Tennessee, and New York. This involved research into the programs of various schools and the training students of each school department received. This research was exciting and informative as it involved positioning WMG to capture the best talent that fit the organization’s culture.

I was fortunate that I got to work with other interns at WMG. I even got to meet other ILR students that I had never previously met as well as Columbia University students studying similar coursework to myself. The environment at WMG has been unparalleled to any internship experience I’ve had before. While laid-back and young, the office is full of driven people who love what they do, so coming into work in the morning always had an extra driver to get you going. As always, hard work never goes unnoticed. The Credit Internship Program is no exception to this. Making a good impression on the people you work for will go a long way when it comes to recommendations and future considerations for employment.

There is nothing comparable to life in Manhattan. As a New York City native, I was excited to be back home but was able to appreciate the exposure that living in the city brought other interns who had never done so before. On top of this, there is the benefit of direct interviewing. I was able to meet with a bunch of other companies while doing my internship and I didn’t have to catch a campus-to-campus to do it either. I could make time during lunch or head over early in the morning. Your employer will be more than understanding about this. In fact, the full-time offer I accepted at CIT Financial Services was made possible by my access to pop-by for a quick interview with an old employer and her new company. I was able to have formal and informal conversations with high-level employees that, otherwise, would have never been able to schedule the time.

I highly recommend the Credit Internship Program for many types of students. Those looking to: add experience to their resume, test out whether city life is right for them, meet and get advice from people whose schedules you can’t normally get on, and those looking to put their ILR coursework into practice.

Hey, maybe HR or an ILR related field isn’t for you and that’s okay! But wouldn’t you like to find that out through an internship rather than a year into your professional career?

- David Asser