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Ashley Louise, BSILR '10

ILO, SafeWork Department

Connolly, Alva, Samovia, Louise ILO Spring 2009
  Working as an intern at the ILO and living in Europe were easily the most rewarding and educational experiences of my life.  I have learned more than I ever could have dreamed about international relations and human and workers' rights, met more people and made more friends from all over the globe than I ever thought possible and seen more countries and cities than most people will be lucky enough to see in an entire lifetime.  Through my time in Switzerland I was able to more clearly see that career aspirations definitely lie in the field of international labour, something I could not have been as sure of if not for this internship.

    My internship at the ILO was in the SafeWork department and I worked on many projects during my six month internship during the Spring 2009 semester.  My first project was to create occupational safety and health legislative profiles for a number of countries to be used when the ILO audited these countries.  A second project involved researching labour inspectorates use of media to promote occupational safety and health culture (particularly to the informal economy), helping to prepare for the World Day on Safety and Health at Work.  My last project was working to prepare for the International ILO Conference "Globally Implementing Occupational Safety and Health Standards" that took place last November in Düsseldorf, Germany.  Through these projects I had the opportunity to work with so many experts from such diverse backgrounds and gained professional experience I would not have had the opportunity to get anywhere else.

    In terns of traveling, the group of Cornell interns and myself (along with some of our fellow interns at the ILO) saw a great deal of places. To name a few:  Venice (for the unbelievable Carnevale Festival), Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, London and Paris.  I saw so many different places and so many different cultures throughout our time here that have allowed me to learn so much about Europe and the world.

   Spring 2009 ILO interns


- Ashley Louise, BSILR '10