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Anna Fishman '06

IBM, Bethesda, Maryland

Spring 2005

Anna Fishman

I interned with IBM in Bethesda, MD as an HR intern, Global Commercial Engagements and Alliances Office during the Spring 2005 semester.  My duties include: Performing competitive analysis to refine IBM's HR deal strategy and unifying global HR deal operations; creating new database; working on special projects in measurements/metrics as well as post-deal hiring practices.

IBM has a very flexible work environment. On my first day, I was given a laptop. On my 10th day, I was told I could work from home. I don't have anyone checking over my shoulder to make sure I'm working; IBM is very task-based . . . as long as I do a good job and complete my work on-time, I am never questioned. The office in which I work is not the most social (I am the only intern in the building), but the flexibility and quality of tasks makes up for it.

I lived in Washington DC.  Washington is an amazing city! There is always an event going on . . . from concerts to festivals to the usual tourist attractions, there's always something to do. Also, DC has a very international environment-- my apartment-mate is Israeli ... I have met more international students in DC that I did in Europe when I studied abroad!

- Anna Fishman, BS '06