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Student Profile

Alice Grgas, BSILR 2012

ILO, TRAVAIL Office, Geneva, Switzerland

Spring 2011

I interned in the ILO TRAVAIL (Conditions of Work) department’s “Decent Work for Domestic Workers” program. My internship Grgas ILO group Spring 2011consisted of assisting in research and information gathering on domestic work issues (e.g. occupational safety and health for domestic workers) in preparation for the Convention Concerning Decent Work for Domestic Workers, which was adopted in June 2011. The opportunity to intern in this program gave me direct ILR workplace experience and sparked my interest in domestic workers and labor protection.

At the ILO, I also joined the Internboard as the “UNing” coordinator, working with other UN agency intern representatives to organize social events for all UN interns. This consisted of weekly lunches at a UN agency cafeteria, and weekly UN drinks on Thursday evenings. It was a great position that allowed me to become familiar with different parts of Geneva and meet many interns from all over the world.Grgas Alps2 spring 2011

While in Geneva, I balanced work with drumming. At Cornell, I am part of Yamatai, a taiko (traditional Japanese drumming) group, and I was lucky enough to find a similar group in Geneva! On Wednesday and Friday evenings, I played drums with “Wadaiko Geneve” and even got to perform at a school and a wedding.Grgas taiko drum group2 Geneva Spring 2011

- Alice Grgas, BSILR '12