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Credit Internship Program

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Costs, Billing & Financial Aid

Costs & Billing

Students will be charged the same ILR tuition as if they were on-campus for the semester.  Additional costs while abroad will include housing, food, transportation, travel and personal expenses.  Detailed budgets for the major cities interns are sent (London, Dublin, Geneva) have been compiled by our office and will be provided to your student.  You should review this information thoroughly, keeping in mind that these estimates will vary depending on exchange rates and the personal needs of each student.

ILR tuition will continue to be directly billed by Cornell University. Housing will be the responsibility of each individual student to locate and arrange payment.

Financial Aid

Financial aid eligibility for students undertaking international internships is determined exactly the same as if they were in residence here in Ithaca.  All additional costs related to studying abroad will be considered at the time financial aid decisions are made.  The Office of Financial Aid is provided with the same budgets as we provide students, so any additional costs of being abroad will be taken into account.  Work-study aid is usually converted to loans.  Students receiving financial aid reimbursements are encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit.

Please visit the Financial Aid section for more information.