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International SOS

Any Cornell students pursuing international internships are covered for Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance through International SOS.  As a member of Cornell you are entitled to the following services:

  • Medical and travel assistance services
  • Security assistance services
  • International SOS clinic access
  • Online information: country guides, travel security reports

Please visit the International SOS site for more information and to download a copy of the International SOS card. Please keep in mind that this is not health insurance and can not be substituted for your own comprehensive health plan.

International SOS provides coverage from the first day of the month your program begins and ends on the last day of the month during which your program ends.  You are not covered by ISOS for dates outside of that period.

International SOS provides you with a great way to record all of your travel plans while abroad as well as your medical history.  The ILR Credit Internship Program strongly suggests that you enter your travel plans and emergency contact information into the ISOS website. Information provided to ISOS can be used in emergency to locate you and to contact your family.

Should a medical emergency arise, you must call International SOS as pre-approval is required for medical evacuation.  The contact information for International SOS in Europe is 44-20-8762-8008.  You should identify yourself as a Cornell student and provide the Cornell group number #11 BCP S00 0132.

You are required to sign the International SOS enrollment & confirmation form before leaving for your international internship.  You will NOT be permitted to study abroad until this signed form has been submitted to Brigid Beachler.