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Locating suitable, inexpensive housing is usually a main concern of prospective interns, particularly those intending to intern in a large international city. Because the internship program is designed to simulate "real life," finding suitable housing for the term of the internship (as well as meeting all of the other requirements of daily life) is the responsibility of each intern. Interns may, however, avail themselves of useful advice in this regard by consulting with the internship program's assistant director and by finding out from current and former interns how they found suitable housing in the same internship location.

The Assistant Director will also provide students with as many housing resources as possible for particular cities.  However, students should be proactive and persistent in their housing search.  Housing opportunities often come and go quickly, so students need to be regularly engaged in their housing search.   Students should also not hesitate to ask their internship supervisors for advice and suggestions on their housing search.  Some good resources are:

In Geneva:

In Dublin:

In London: