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Student Profile

Adam Glapa, BS'13

Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, Chester, Connecticut
Spring 2012

I spent the spring semester of my junior year at the Connecticut office of Shepherd, Finkelman,Adam Glapa Miller & Shah (SFMS), a boutique law firm with an international presence that specializes in a diverse area of law practice. While I spent the majority of my time at the Connecticut office, I was given many opportunities to journey out of the office to observe and assist the attorneys during the hearings, trials, and depositions that took place throughout the semester.

During my first week at the firm, I attended a hearing which involved a case concerning overtime compensation to a former employee of a technological company. While it was assumed that the hearing would be a quick dismissal of the individual’s complaint, the arguments actually went on for quite a long time. The judge being seemingly sympathetic to the individual’s cause, ruled in the plaintiff’s favor, creating a narrow pathway for the continuance of the case.

Back at the office, I primarily assisted the attorneys with research and document drafting regarding securities, corporate governance, and consumer class action litigation cases. The firm, in the process of litigating an American arm of a prominent European-based financial services company, gave me a healthy amount of work that will hopefully lead to the desired result of the client.

It was very encouraging and satisfying to know that what I assisted the attorneys with, even in the slightest of ways, may make a large difference in the result of a case. SFMS, with the cases that they bring forward, has the potential to even change the laws and regulations that govern how the financial services industry can invest their client’s moneyed interests.

My time at SFMS has made a profound mark on my legal educational pursuits. While I had prior intentions of attending law school after I graduate, the internship has given me the needed hands-on exposure and experience of working life that few in other academic disciplines get to experience. The knowledge and skill set that I have attained at SFMS will be a significant advantage to me in both law school and my developing career path.

- Adam Glapa, BS'13