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The ILR Credit Intern Experience

The ILR Credit Internship Program affords qualified ILR juniors and seniors the unique opportunity to gain significant professional experience while also receiving a full semester’s credit.  Approved students are eligible to undertake internships in a wide-range of organizations from trade unions and large corporations, to government agencies, labor & employment law firms, and non-profits.  Students intern across the U.S. and around the world.  View student profiles for more information.

Events - Fall 2014

  • Wednesday, November 19 – Make the Most of Your Credit Internship Meeting:This meeting will provide you with important tips and advice on how to be successful in your internship, manage expectations, professionalism, and how to best deal with problems that may arise. This session is MANDATORY and will be held in 105 Ives Hall, 4:30pm.
  • Tuesday, December 9MANDATORY Orientation Session for all spring 2015 interns. 116 Ives Hall, 4:30pm.

    The schedule established requires that students interested in internships for spring 2015 submit applications and make choices about internship sites of interest to them early in the semester.This process will leave the last half of the semester to complete the student-site matching process and the interviews and visits often necessary to finalize decisions regarding placements.Under School policy, intern applications cannot be referred to site sponsors until they have been approved.Students who miss the application deadline will fall behind in the process and may have to settle for whatever sites are still available.

    Students who apply on schedule and select five sites will still be eligible to apply for any new internships offered after October 6th provided they have not already accepted an existing intern position. Announcements of new internship opportunities will be posted on the Internship Bulletin Board outside of 119 Ives Hall and on the internship website: and on the Credit Internship Facebook page:



0347_11_002New!  Click here  to read an interview with Professor Sam Bacharch for his thoughts on teaching a leadership course for NYC-based credit interns and his efforts at providing outstanding mentorship for students. 

Library Resources

The Catherwood Library has put together several new options for library access for off-campus ILR credit interns. More information can be found here.