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Professional Neutral Development Program

For the attorney or business executive seeking to reroute a career or return to the workforce after a pause to raise a family, complete military service, or pursue volunteer opportunities, a career in dispute resolution could represent an exciting and viable new direction. In this extraordinary economic environment, dispute resolution can offer personal flexibility and life skills that can be used across multiple disciplines. Cornell's "Reinventing Your Career" draws on the excellence of the university's ILR and Law Schools to offer the best opportunity to learn the skills to transition successfully to a career as a neutral.

Corporate leaders and attorneys agree that there is a shortage of qualified dispute resolution professionals available to resolve complex commercial, international and employment law disputes. In today's volatile economic climate, attorneys and other professionals are predicting a rise in the use of alternative dispute resolution. In addition to the process and substantive knowledge segments, Cornell's Reinventing Your Career program will devote considerable time in helping participants build a successful practice by creating a personalized strategic business plan.

The program is divided into 3 modules.

Module 1 focuses on the fundamentals of commercial, international, and employment arbitration, mediation and related dispute resolution processes. Students are required to take 6 courses to complete this module.

Module 2 consists of a wide array of elective courses. Students may choose three.  

Module 3 provides students with the opportunity to work with and be mentored by many of the nation's most successful professional neutrals. Each student will also receive in-depth instruction to develop their personal business plan, plus individualized career coaching.


Applications must be submitted by TBA. You can also request one be mailed to you by contacting the Scheinman Institute at 607-255-9298.


Tuition fees vary depending on the number of courses a student is required to take. Tuition will be paid on a per course basis and is payable prior to the student's attendance in each course.  We estimate the program will require 18-24 months to complete.

Tuition includes course materials, breakfast, lunch and refreshment breaks.  Course tuition and dates are subject to change without prior notice. Travel and lodging expenses are the responsibility of the student.

A limited number of scholarships will be available. Please request an application for need-based financial aid from the Scheinman Institute and submit with admission application.


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