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Student Profile

Tammy Kieper

Tammy KieperI am currently a second year MILR student, concentrating in Human Resources and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). My interest in ADR began while I was working as a Human Resource Representative at the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant. Throughout my nine years at this plant, I enjoyed helping my coworkers resolve their work-related conflicts and I saw first hand how important it was to offer employees different resolution opportunities. 

It is my desire to work at a corporation that values ADR and will look to me to advocate this throughout the organization. Therefore, upon returning to school to acquire my master's degree in Industrial and Labor Relations, I have taken graduate courses in Managing and Resolving Conflict and Negotiations. These courses have enhanced my practical work experience, which will greatly impact my future employment opportunities.

The Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution has also provided me with several opportunities. One example was last Spring when I attended a 40-hour training seminar on Employment Mediation in New York City. I was able to train along side high experienced individuals, including representatives from the EEOC, the United Nations, and the Department of New York State Corrections. This experience has allowed me to develop hands-on life tools that I can apply personally and professionally. I am very pleased and excited about the future growth of ADR as well as proud that Cornell is leading this initiative. 

- Tammy Kieper