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Alumni Profile

Kelly Pike

Kelly PikeAfter graduating from the ILR School in May 2003, I did a series of labor-related internships in Washington DC before making the move back to Ithaca three years later. When I began working at the Institute in October 2006, I immediately noticed a high level of interplay between the resources and experiences of the students and professionals involved. Each player brings a unique set of skills and new perspectives, while contributing in a consistent way to the overarching goals of the Institute. 

I have been involved in projects that have varied from technology in the health care industry to social capital and the labor movement. Each has given me the opportunity to work closely with graduate students, professors, ILR alumnae and extension workers, along with leaders in the labor movement. My experience has exposed me to some of the major issues labor is facing today, while allowing me to engage and contribute in a meaningful way. 

A few particularly rewarding highlights include:

  • one-on-one conversations with various distinguished labor leaders
  • contributing to some of the literature that the Institute is producing
  • helping to conduct interviews with nursing home administrators and front line employees in New York City. 

As I pursue an MS degree in dispute resolution this year, I look forward to maintaining an active role at the Institute, with a more focused role in the 1199 nursing home project. The nature of the work and the network of relationships fostered by the Institute are both dynamic and essential to the future of dispute resolution and I am proud to be a part of these endeavors.   

- Kelly Pike