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Kelley Rowe

Kelley RoweKelley Rowe graduated from ILR in 2005. He enjoyed many dispute resolution courses as an undergraduate including; Negotiation, Arbitration and Managing & Resolving Conflict. Kelley became involved with the Institute during his junior year by assisting Prof. Lipsky and Prof. Katz with research on pattern bargaining in support of a PBA arbitration. Kelley’s exposure to the Institute led him to complete a summer internship at Bickerman Dispute Resolution in Washington, DC where he observed Senate appointed neutral and ILR alum, John Bickerman, mediate the Cobell v. Norton class action case involving Native Americans' multi-billion dollar land rights claims against the US Dept. of Interior.

Since his graduation from ILR, Kelley has worked at a boutique management strategy consulting firm in New York City where he has assisted his clients, Fortune 100 financial services institutions, renegotiate contracts with IT service providers.

- Kelley Rowe