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Alumni Profile

Keith Greenberg

Keith GreenbergThe Institute on Conflict Resolution became my niche at ILR. My required collective bargaining class was co-taught by Professors Lipsky and Seeber, and I enjoyed that class more than any other I had taken in ILR until that point. I expressed my interest in the subject to Professor Lipsky, who hired me as a research assistant with the Institute; I continued to work there as I took coursework in negotiations, systems of conflict resolution, and arbitration and reached the limits of ILR's dispute resolution curriculum.

After a discussion with Ariel Avgar, ICR's Director of ADR Program Evaluation and Development, I was invited to attend the Institute's Mediation workshop in New York City as a student assistant, where I had the privilege to integrate ILR extension resources into my undergraduate education. From the moment I became involved with the Institute, every individual with whom I interacted went out of their way to help me succeed.

Keith Greenberg graduated from the ILR School in May 2007and is currently in his first year at the University of Michigan Law School.

- Keith Greenberg