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Alumni Profile

Karen Shafrir

Karen ShafrirI was involved in the Center primarily during my senior year, where I served as a research assistant for Professers Lipsky and Seeber. It was then that we developed the initial idea for the NASD arbitration decision project. Outside of performing research for two of the most wonderful professors I have had in my educational experience, I also took many classes with esteemed ILR faculty in areas such as Negotiations, ADR and Collective Bargaining. My experiences in these classes are ones that I still use in my legal career and in my general interaction with people on a daily basis. 

I am currently a second year law student at the University of Miami School of Law where I am a Soia Mentschikoff full scholarship recipient. In my interviewing process for jobs, I am often asked about the ILR School and in particular, the research work that I did during my tenure there. 

Each time ILR comes up in discussion, I get nothing but positive and highly regarded responses. I am currently looking to work as a labor and employment litigator, a career that I know will be greatly enhanced by my time spent at the ILR School.  I am proud to have been a part of a school that is held in such genuine high regard in the labor and legal field in general. 

- Karen Shafrir