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Alumni Profile

Jillian Goorevitch

Jillian GoorevitchI graduated from the ILR School in 2004. Some of the most valuable experiences I had at the school involved dispute resolution and negotiation work that took place both in and out of the classroom. My favorite course at Cornell was Negotiation and Dispute Resolution. Through the study of basic theory and in-class exercises, I developed an understanding of problem-solving techniques that I continue to apply in my life on a daily basis. 

Whether compromising with my friends and family on where to eat dinner or reaching a settlement with an opposing counsel in a legal matter or contract negotiation, I find myself referring back to the tactical approaches I learned in the classroom. In addition, I had the opportunity, under the guidance of Professor David Lipsky, to do independent course work and intern with the Community Dispute Resolution Center (CDRC). Applying the theories I had learned in the classroom, I worked with the CDRC to help them develop a Peer Dispute Resolution program for the local public schools.

After graduation from Cornell, I attended Fordham Law School, where I continued to study dispute resolution.  My negotiation and dispute resolution education at Cornell provided a strong foundation for advanced clinical and course work I took in the fields of Securities Arbitration and Social Justice and Dispute Resolution. I plan on using the negotiation skills I learned in my classes at Cornell as I begin my career as a real estate attorney this fall.

- Jillian Goorevitch