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Ariel Avgar

Ariel AvgarAriel Avgar is currently a lecturer at the Cornell ILR School and the assistant director for research with the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution. In January of 2008 Ariel will be taking an Assistant Professor position at the Institute for Labor and Industrial Relations at the University of Illinois.

Ariel's research focuses on conflict and conflict resolution in organizations. His research also examines work organization and restructuring in the healthcare industry. Ariel is currently working on a number of research projects examining the effects of conflict and conflict management procedures in the healthcare industry.

In addition, together with ILR professor David Lipsky, he is involved in a large interdisciplinary study regarding the effects of the implementation of electronic medical records keeping technology in New York state nursing homes on employment and labor relations.

Ariel has conducted evaluation projects both in the public and private sector and has conducted research on the evaluation of conflict management programs. He has also taught courses on designing conflict management systems for both the Cornell ILR School and for the Pepperdine Law School.

- Ariel Avgar