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Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution

456 ILR Research Building, 607-255-9298

James Wohl, University Ombudsperson, Auburn University

Jim WohlAs a mid-career professional looking to transition my career in the ADR field, I scanned the variety of available courses and programs. Cornell ICR was the clear choice for me as the program had the scope of training, expert instructors, and collegial environment I was looking for. The curriculum is the ideal mix of realistic case-based instruction, theory, and debriefing that is critical to understanding ADR and the range of neutral activities. 

The ICR program has been the cornerstone of my career advancement and career transition into the ADR world.  Since completing the certificate program, I developed an active mediation caseload, broadened my professional portfolio in my former career, and successfully competed for the position of Ombudsman at a major university. ICR is a substantive training experience that provides real life experiences, networking opportunities, and a host or resources that will serve new and experienced neutrals for years. If you're looking to enter the field or refine your skills, the ICR Certificate Program will serve your needs exceptionally well.

- James Wohl, University Ombudsperson, Auburn University