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Alumni Profile

Eve Lenkowsky

School of Arts & Sciences, 2005

Eve LenkowskySelected to perform independent research as a Presidential Research Scholar and a College Scholar, Eve found inspiration and mentors for her project after taking a course in negotiation and dispute resolution with Professor David B. Lipsky (also Director of the Scheinman Institute of Conflict Resolution). With his advice and support combined with that of her other mentor, Rocco M. Scanza (Executive Director of the Schneiman Institute of Conflict Resolution), she conducted extensive interviews with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission leaders regarding their internal alternative dispute resolution mediation program.

Her studies in conflict resolution have also been useful in her interpersonal and family relationships and in everyday interactions across the board. Eve currently works in public relations in New York City where, on an ideal day, her conversations with journalists get her clients in the news and those journalists to become brainstorming partners for their future stories. 

- Eve Lenkowsky