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Cornell Negotiation Training DR235

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This program currently has no scheduled dates.

Everyone negotiates almost every day. Our workshops are intended to demystify the negotiations process, take the stress out of negotiating, and help you develop a framework and approach that will serve you well in your daily life, at work, at home, and everywhere else. We believe negotiations are a necessary life skill that can be easily learned. Our approach consists of experientially based learning, incorporating both discussions as well as collective reflections on the process. We take participants through a variety of negotiation situations such as one-on-one and small work group meetings, community meetings, strategic planning meetings, and personal negotiations, such as buying a house or car.

By the end of the program you should understand:

  • the biases that you bring to negotiations situations
  • your negotiations weaknesses and strengths at negotiating
  • a sustainable approach that you can use consistently to be successful

There are added benefits for group training in negotiations, such as it:

  • fosters teambuilding
  • gets everyone on the same page
  • enhances inter-departmental cooperation

Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested in increasing their effectiveness. It is equally relevant for non-profit professionals, lawyers, human resource professionals, doctors, procurement professionals, teachers, administrators, executives, and just about everyone.


The Cornell Negotiations workshops are taught by the faculty at Cornell's ILR School, and the Scheinman Institute for Conflict Resolution at Cornell.

This training can be customized for your organization. Please contact for onsite training requests.