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Conflict Coaching in the Workplace DR181

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This program currently has no scheduled dates.

Conflict coaching is the creative process of assisting clients presently engaged in a conflict situation and addressing the relational dynamics inherent in their workplace conflict. Conflict coaching integrates the fields of personal coaching and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The process is often transformational, in converting negative situations of anger and frustration into healthy situations of personal insight and growth.

Conflict coaching is conducted on two levels: the individual level and the team/organizational level. On an individual level, conflict coaching assists a person to reflect on their conflict style, examine their communication practices, develop problem-solving techniques, and to gain insight on dispute resolution practices. On a team/organizational level, conflict coaching assists a group to build and sustain a culture that accepts conflict and embraces preventative practices. Conflict coaching can be used in leadership development, career development, teambuilding, and succession planning.

This program sets the foundation for building a viable practice as a conflict coach. Throughout the two days, we explore how to integrate coaching skills into your current practice and to market these services to prospective clients. We will examine the Conflict Dynamics Profile, an exciting diagnostic survey used to focus on conflict behaviors and styles.

This program is targeted for mediators, Ombudspersons, human resource professionals, ADR Consultants, conflict management professionals, executive coaches, and therapists.

The program will be highly interactive, through simulations, role-plays, reflection, discussion, and skill building exercises. Each participant will develop and practice their new skills. This program will also provide significant time for answering questions.


The instructor is Richard Fincher, who has a national practice in conflict coaching of executives and teams. Dick is also a full-time mediator and arbitrator of employment litigation. He is a Member of the National Academy of Arbitrators, a Cornell alumni, and long-standing Instructor at the Scheinman Institute.