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What Labor Arbitrators Need to Know about Unions DR161

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This program currently has no scheduled dates.

Labor arbitration cases require special care and understanding by dispute resolution professionals. Because trade unions are quite different than many other commercial, professional, and business organizations, the Scheinman Institute believes it helpful for an arbitrator in these settings to better understand the internal and external factors that drive trade union decision-making. This workshop will do just that, by discussing with participants:

  • How unions understand their own "labor history"
  • What are union values and how they influence key decision-making
  • How unions are "set-up," and what that means for dispute resolution outcomes
  • How unions understand their collective bargaining agreements
  • How unions perceive arbitration and arbitrators
  • Why and how unions decide to take cases to arbitration
  • How "going to arbitration" for unions is often a remarkably political decision
  • How these trade union qualities might impact how cases unfold in arbitration hearings
  • How the US Supreme Court's recent Pyett decision affects how unions might now deal with arbitration


Lee Adler