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Costing the Contract (Labor): What Negotiators and Mediators Need to Know DR145

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This intensive two-day course will provide an in-depth examination of costing methodology for labor contracts, including the use of technology to improve, advance, and coordinate bargaining. The course will include a step-by-step outline of what a bargaining teams needs to do to prepare for negotiations. The preparation, presentation, and response to costing proposals during negotiations will be addressed.

The class will study how to apply interest-based bargaining techniques to the economic components of negotiation. Emphasis will be given to the role of mediators, fact-finders, and arbitrators in considering economic components of collective bargaining disputes. ADR professionals will gain an understanding of costing standards utilized by advocates to better evaluate the positions of the parties in collective bargaining disputes.


Jay Grenig is a professor of law at Marquette University Law School. Before becoming a neutral, he represented employers and unions in collective bargaining. A mediator and arbitrator since 1977, he has mediated, factfinded, and arbitrated numerous bargaining disputes. He is the author of many books on dispute resolution including How to Cost Your Labor Contract (2d ed. 2011 Bloomberg BNA) (with Granof and Kelly).