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Strategic Negotiations in Employment Mediation DR100

Not currently offered

This program currently has no scheduled dates.

In response to many requests for a workshop in negotiations geared to employment law neutrals and advocates, Cornell is pleased to offer this new program.

This unique workshop brings together the skills and framework necessary to succeed in either negotiation or mediation. You will understand the similar theories and approaches that can be used in both contexts while distinguishing the additional complexity of employment mediation.

This workshop blends lectures, demonstrations and role-play exercises to maximize your understanding of the dynamics and principles of the negotiation process.

Course Highlights include:

  • A Framework for Understanding Disputes
  • The use of competitive and problem-solving tactics
  • Preparing for and Utilizing Mutual Gains Bargaining
  • Negotiations in Mediation: The Advocate's Role
    • developing the negotiations game plan
    • preparing your client for mediation
    • how to "negotiate" with your client when they have an advantage
    • or is unreasonable, unrealistic and refuses to make concessions
  • Employment Mediation & Negotiation: The Mediator's Perspective
  • Understanding power imbalances and learning how to use them to broker sound settlements
  • Common mediator mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Negotiations Dynamics
  • Facilitative Mediation
  • Evaluative Mediation