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What students and alumni are saying about the impact of conflict resolution courses at ILR:

  • Lonnie Brewer

    Lonnie Brewer

    As a graduate student, I have not only taken challenging courses in Negotiations and Managing and Resolving Conflict at the Scheinman Institute, but I have also worked with my advisor, Professor David Lipsky, to develop a number of outside experiences that have helped me build and grow a career as a Professional Neutral.

  • Michael Lewis

    Caitlin Shetter, ILR '07

    Professor Lipsky's Dispute Resolution course was without a doubt the most valuable course I took during my time at Cornell. In both of my internships at Walt Disney World Co. Labor Relations and Starbucks Coffee Co. Supply Chain Human Resources, I utilized all of the tools and techniques that I was provided with in the course and put them into action.

  • Michael Lewis ILR '04

    Michael Lewis, ILR '04

    What I remember most vividly was the fascinating guest lecturers invited from diverse fields of practice to apply vocational experiences directly to the concepts the students were learning in coursework, an interplay that made for a consistently rich exchange. The Institute also provided me with additional opportunities to assist Dean Katz and Professor Lipsky in research for topics on interest arbitration and dispute resolution procedures in the City of New York.

  • Helen Yang

    Helen Yang BS ILR '07 with Honors

    Professor Lipsky had a knack for drilling into students' heads that "you get what you give." The concepts driving his Negotiations, Theory and Practice course resonated in my experiences on and off the Hill.

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