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Roster of Dispute Resolution Neutrals: FAQs

Question: How do I gain admission to the Roster?

A.  Admission to the rosters is restricted to individuals who have successfully completed our professional courses.  The rosters provide opportunities for individuals who have completed our training to work as neutrals and build their credentials in the field.  There is often supplemental additional training required for the programs we administer, including the Nuclear Regulatory Commission ADR Program.

To learn more about the courses that are required before gaining admission to the roster, please contact:

Question: What types of rosters do you maintain?

A.  We provide neutral rosters for mediators, arbitrators, fact finders, and facilitators. Admission to those rosters are limited to individuals who have successfully completed our professional courses in those subjects:

We also maintain the Cornell Labor Arbitration & Mediation Services roster.  We currently have a sufficient number of experienced labor arbitrators and mediators to meet our client needs.  However, those who successfully complete the Cornell Labor Arbitrator Development Certificate Program will be admitted to the roster.

For information on the Cornell Labor Arbitration & Mediation Services, please visit our website or contact:

Traci Morse, ADR Program Manager
Tel: 607-255-9298
Fax: 607-255-0574