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2006 CHERI Working Papers

Most of the documents found on the Working Papers web pages are available only as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. An Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here. Click on each paper to open it in a new window, or right click on the link and choose "Save As" to save the document to your computer. Some of the supplementary tables and charts may require Microsoft Excel. If you need further assistance, please contact Darrie O'Connell.

2006 Working Papers
WP 98
"Transfer College Quality And Student Performance" (November 2006) Angela Dills and Rey Hernández-Julián
WP 97
"Faculty Employment and R&D Expenditures at Research Universities" (November 2006) Ronald Ehrenberg and Liang Zhang
WP 96
"Citizenship, Gender, and Racial Differences in the Publishing Success Of Graduate Students and Young Academics" (October 2006) Joseph Price and Joshua Price
WP 95
"Gender Differences In The Response To Competition" (September 2006) Joseph Price
WP 94
"Does a Spouse Slow You Down?: Marriage and Graduate Student Outcomes" (September 2006) Joseph Price
WP 93
"Money Changes Everything: Funding Shocks and Optimal Admissions and Financial Aid Policies in Higher Education" (September 2006) Matthew G. Nagler
WP 92
"Does Public Funding for Higher Education Matter?" (August 2006) Liang Zhang
WP 91
"The Graduate Education Initiative: Description and Preliminary Findings" (September 2006) Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Harriet Zuckerman, Jeffrey Groen, and Sharon M. Brucker
WP 90
"Understanding The Racial Disparity In Graduation Rates At A Large Ivy League University" (May 2006) Marquise McGraw
WP 89
"Does It Take an Expert to Lead Experts? An Empirical Study of Business School Deans" (April 2006) Amanda H. Goodall
WP 88
"The Effects of Class Size on Student Grades at a Public University" (February 2006) Economics of Education Review (forthcoming) Edward Kokkelenberg, Michael Dillon, and Sean M. Christy
WP 87
"Doctoral Education and Academic Research (in India)" (February 2006) Arkadev Chatterjea and Satya Priya Moulik
WP 86
"Program Design and Student Outcomes in Graduate Education" (January 2006) (forthcoming in the Economics of Education Review) Jeffrey Groen, George Jakubson, Ronald Ehrenberg, Scott Condie, and Albert Yung-Hsu Liu