Working Papers

Working papers from 2013 are listed here. Papers from previous years can be found by clicking on one of the links to the left.

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2013 Working Papers
CHERI WP 162 (PDF, 382 KB) University Endowment Growth: Assessing Policy Proposals Ross Milton and Ronald Ehrenberg
CHERI WP 161 (PDF, 258 KB) The Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship's Effects on PhD Production at Non-UNCF Institutions: An Evaluation Ronald Ehrenberg, Sarah Prenovitz, Gary Cohen and George Jakubson
CHERI WP 160 (PDF, 111 KB) Coauthors and Collaborations Ronald Ehrenberg
CHERI WP 159 (PDF, 50 KB) What's the Future of Public Higher Education? A Review Essay on Public No More: A New Path to Excellence for America's Public Universities Ronald Ehrenberg
CHERI WP 158 (PDF, 1 MB) Boundary Spanning in Academia: Antecedents and Near-Term Consequences of Academic Entrepreneurialilsm Kevin Kniffin and Andrew Hanks
CHERI WP 157 (PDF, 1 MB) Revisiting Gladwell's Hockey Players: Influence of Relative Age Effects Upon Earning the PhD. Kevin Kniffin and Andrew Hanks
CHERI WP 156 (PDF, 104 KB) Institutional Variation in Enrollment of Low-Income Students: The Role of Prices, Financial Aid Policies and Selectivity James Monks
CHERI WP 155 (PDF, 60 KB) Revenue Shares and Monopsonistic Behavior in Intercollegiate Athletics James Monks
CHERI WP 154 (PDF, 39 KB) The Other Debt Crisis Ronald Ehrenberg and Ross Milton
CHERI WP 153 (PDF, 1 MB) Decomposing the Dispersion of Higher Education Endowments Ross Milton and Ron Erhenberg
CHERI WP 152 (PDF, 339 KB) The Lifetime Earnings Premia of Different Majors: Correcting for Selection Based on Cognitive and Noncognitive, and Unobserved Factors Douglas Webber