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October 15 - 16, 1999

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Contributions to Colleges and Universities
"Alumni Giving to Private Colleges and Universities" [1]
Charles Clotfelter (Duke)
"Do Government Grants Crowd Out Private Contributions" Abigail Payne (Illinois-Chicago Circle)
Faculty Issues
"Non Tenure-Track Faculty in Higher Education" Pamela Tolbert and Wesley Sine (Cornell)
"Inbreeding in Law School Faculty" [2]
Theodore Eisenberg and Martin Wells (Cornell)
Diversity Issues
"An Examination of Student Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education"
(accompanying tables)
Dominic Brewer (Rand), Dan Goldhaber (Urban Institute), and Eric Eide (Brigham Young)
Earnings Issues
"College Quality and the Earnings of Transfer Students" [3]
Michael Hilmer (Louisville)
"Returns to Field of Study Among Elite College Graduates" Alicia Dowd (Cornell)
Do Prices Matter?
"Do Indirect Cost Rates Matter?" Ronald Ehrenberg and Jaroslava Mykula (Cornell)
"Undergraduate Financial Aid and Subsequent Alumni Giving" Kelly Dugan, Charles H. Mullin and John J. Siegfried (Vanderbilt)

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