Governance of Higher Education Institutions and Systems

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

June 4 - 5, 2002

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Trustees and the External Governance of State Institutions
"Boards of Trustees in Higher Education A Research Program.pdf (PDF, 330 KB)" Benjamin Hermalin (UC - Berkeley)
"State Governance and Higher Education Outcomes.pdf (PDF, 170 KB)" Don Heller (University of Michigan)
Internal Governance and Organizational Issues
"Academic Politics, University Governance and Political Oversight of State Universities" Susanne Lohmann (UCLA)
"Herding Cats in University Hierarchies.pdf (PDF, 545 KB)" Thomas Hammond (Michigan State)
"Models of Centralized and Decentralized Budgeting within Universities.pdf (PDF, 190 KB)" John D. Wilson (Michigan State)
Unions and Data on Governance
"Governance Structures in the American Academy and Their Impact.pdf (PDF, 1 MB)" Gabriel Kaplan (Harvard University)
"Collective Bargaining in American Higher Education.pdf (PDF, 471 KB)" Ronald G. Ehrenberg et. al (Cornell University)
Challenges from Nonprofit and Nonlegal Legal Influences
"The Rise of Non-Legal Legal Influences Upon Higher Education.pdf (PDF, 173 KB)" Michael Olivas (University of Houston)
"The Challenge of Convergence.pdf (PDF, 373 KB)" Brian Pusser, Sarah E. Turner (University of Virginia)
Keynote Paper
"Presidents and Trustees.pdf (PDF, 114 KB)" James Freedman, President Emeritus, Dartmouth College