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"The Complex Community College"

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

October 13 - 14, 2003

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A PDF file of the preliminary schedule of events of the conference can be found here.

The Complex Role of Two Year Colleges
"Evaluating the Variety of Educational Services Offered by California's Community Colleges" Andrew Gill (California State University - Fullerton) and Duane Leigh (Washington State University)
The Transition from Two-Year to Four-Year Colleges
"Within State Transitions from Two-Year to Four-Year Public Institutions" Ronald G. Ehrenberg and Christopher Smith (Cornell University)
"Can Two-Year College Attendance Lead to Enrollment and Degree Completion at More Selective Four Year Colleges?" Michael Hilmer (Virginia Polytech), Dan Goldhaber (University of Washington), and Eric Eide (Rand Corporation)
"Two Year Colleges and the Transfer Function in the State University of New York System" Andrew Nutting (Cornell University)
Remedial Education and Training Displaced Workers
"The Role and Effect of Remedial Education in Two-Year Colleges" Eric Bettinger (Case Western Reserve University) and Bridget Long (Harvard University)
"Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: Community College Training for Displaced Workers" Daniel Sullivan (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago), Robert Lalorde (University of Chicago), and Louis Jacobson (Westat Inc.)
Financing Two-Year Colleges and Two-Year College Attendance
"Intra-State Variation in Community College Expenditures: The Role of Local Financing" Alicia Dowd (University of Massachusetts - Boston) and John Grant (Cape Cod Community College)
"Financing Community Colleges Across the States: An Economic Perspective" Richard Romano (Broome Community College)
"What's "Up" with the Price of Two-year Colleges?" Amy Schwartz (New York University) and Ben Scafidi (Georgia State University)
Luncheon Speaker
"Do Federal Financial Aid Policies Short Change Two-Year Colleges?" F. King Alexander (President Murray State University)
Dinner Speaker
"The Transitional Institution: The Community College in the Lives of Traditional Age Students" Clifford Adelman (U.S. Department of Education)