Visiting Fellows

Ngan Collins

Ngan Collins

Country of origin: Australia Visiting period:

May 2017-June 2017


Background and Previous Experience

Ngan Collins is a senior lecturer in the School of Management, RMIT University, Australia. Ngan earned her PhD in 2005 in international employment relations and HRM from the University of Melbourne. In 2005 and 2006, she was working as an international consultant for the International Labour Organisation’s ‘Factory improvement program’ project when she designed and delivered an HR module for Vietnam’s manufacturing sector.  Her teaching experience has been in the field of international employment relations and international HRM. She has regularly lectured in higher education institutions around the Asian region. The book she authored, ‘Economic reform and employment relations in Vietnam’, was the first in-depth research on Vietnam’s employment relations. It has been used as key material for research and teaching on Vietnam’s employment relations and human resource management in many universities and International Labour Organisation programs. Her research interests focus on changes in employment relations and HRM in Asian emerging economies, the transformation of Vietnam’s IR during its economic reform, and the impact of climate change on HRD in the Mekong Delta region.

Current Research at ILR

While visiting the ILR School, Ngan aims to connect with various faculty members, particularly in the comparative employment relations and Asian studies areas. She hopes to build her research network, discuss her research projects, and receive useful feedback from other researchers. During her visit, she also hopes to explore an extensive collection on South East Asian studies at Catherwood Library.

Ngan Collins