Visiting Fellows

Na Yoon Kim

Na Yoon Kim

Country of origin: South Korea Visiting period:

February 2017- August 2017


Background and Previous Experience

Na Yoon Kim earned her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations in January 2017. Her research focuses on how positive social relationships form and function in organizations. Taking a multi-method approach that includes experimental and survey methods, Kim explores various social relationships existing in organizations, such as interpersonal, person-to-team, person-to-organization, and customer relationships, in order to understand how positive relationships foster organizational effectiveness. Within this framework, her current research examines how elements of individualism promote positive processes and outcomes in work teams and organizations, particularly when diversity exists.

Current Research at ILR

Na Yoon Kim studies the joint effects of specific constructs of individualism-collectivism and team composition on diverse team functioning. Specifically, she examines both affective and cognitive mechanisms by which individualism generates positive social identity within diverse work team contexts. At a broader level, she plans to continue investigating when and how individualism contributes to the functioning of organizations, as well as the circumstances in which organizations maximize the benefits of diversity. One of her research goals in this stream aims to understand whether individualism-collectivism triggers different patterns of task behaviors, and if so, what are the consequences of such task behaviors.

Na Yoon Kim