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Postgraduate Information

Ives Hall along Tower RoadSometimes it is useful for students to learn what earlier graduates have done after leaving Cornell to understand the range of options available, and for employers to assess the job market for ILR graduates to remain competitive in their offers.

Results are available of the most recent surveys of postgraduate activities of Bachelor's Degree recipients and of Master's Degree recipients, showing starting salaries, geographic locations of first jobs, job titles and employers, sectors of the economy into which our graduates were hired, and other information.

In 2013, 78% of the students graduating from the Bachelor's program went directly into the workforce, at a mean starting salary of $53,243. 17% of the class went directly into postgraduate studies, with 12% going to law school and 5% pursuing other graduate programs. Graduates of the Master's program group earned a mean salary of $85,502 with 92% obtaining employment by the time of graduation and 6% pursuing additional education.


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