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Snapshots from past career fairs

CIGNA's Jackie Butler (MILR '01) discusses their upcoming recruiting efforts at Cornell.







ALCOA gets ready for the busy flow of students at the 2001 ILR Career Fair in October 2001 at the Statler Ballroom.







Kasia Wesolowski (BSILR '97) speaks with another rep at the 2001 ILR Career Fair.








Waiting for students. Reps from William Mercer pause a moment at the 2001 ILR Career Fair.








PNC's Ryan Mink (MILR '01) prepares for the 2001 ILR Career Fair.







Nazneen Sitabkhan Bandukwala (MILR '98), Anne Gooley (MILR '98) and Michael DeAngelo (MILR '97) were pleased to return to Cornell and represent Merck & Company, Inc. while recalling good times as students at ILR/Cornell.








Melissa Purvis (BSILR '99) and Jenelle Berrien (BSILR '00) proudly wear their ALCOA shirts at the 2000 ILR Career Fair.








 Kevin Darby and Virginia Meredith (BSILR '83) representing Kodak talk to Tracy Zuckerman about their experience with the organization.