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Office of Career Services

201 Ives Hall, 607-255-7816

Résumé Books

Students attend an ILR Career FairThe ILR Office of Career Services produces three résumé books each year.

Fall Term (ready by mid-October):

International students earning bachelor's and master's degrees looking for internship or full-time positions are represented in our International Résumé Book. The book features students from ILR's diverse international populace whose interests, language skills and, in some cases, dual citizenship, make a global, US, offshore or home-country assignment particularly appealing.

The Minority Résumé Book contains résumés of minority students enrolled in the ILR School. Students of African, Asian, Latino/a and/or Native American descent have submitted their résumés for review by you for both intern and full-time employment opportunities.

Spring Term (ready by mid-March):

The Labor and Social Justice Résumé Book, which features résumés from ILR students who are seeking internship and full-time opportunities in labor unions, labor research, and social justice. This book is provided to all organizations attending the Social Justice Career Fair and to others on request.

The International, Minority, and Labor and Social Justice Résumé books are available to employers at no cost. To request a copy, please call 607-255-7816 or email