Cornell University

Office of Career Services

201 Ives Hall, 607-255-7816

Programs of Interest for Employer Participation

The Freshman Externship Program, FEX, is a one-day shadowing opportunity offered over winter break, for first-year students to explore the ILR-related career fields, gain work exposure, and network with alumni.

The Winter InterSession Program, WISP, is a two-to-three week internship, held over winter break, that gives ILR sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students the opportunity to gain relevant work experience and complete assigned projects.

Social Justice Career Fair - Held in conjunction with ILR’s Union Days activities each April, this fair brings representatives from labor unions and other advocacy organizations to campus, allowing students to explore careers in labor and other non-profit fields.

ILR Career Fair - This annual October event focuses on corporate Human Resources and other opportunities.  It provides a venue for students to learn about potential jobs & internships, career paths and organizations and for employers to interact with ILR students.

Labor Roundtable - In September, this event encourages students to meet and exchange questions about a variety of career fields with labor union and social justice leaders.

The ILR Résumé Books - We produce Minority, International, and Labor résumé books.

Please see the Employers section for specific information, including details to participate in our on-campus recruiting program, posting positions, ordering résumé books, and participating in workshops and forums.  We’re interested in developing a relationship with you!