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Frequently Asked Questions - Employers

What is the current salary rate for ILR students—full time and intern?

Results are available of the most recent surveys of postgraduate information of Bachelor's Degree recipients and of Master's Degree recipients, showing starting salaries, geographic locations of first jobs, job titles and employers, sectors of the economy into which our graduates were hired, and other information.

What are the demographics of the graduating class?

ILR prides itself on the ethnic, racial and geographic diversity of its students and is responsive to social, academic, and cultural needs of minority students. ILR students hail from all corners of the country and world. For information on current class year demographics, please contact Regina Duffey Moravek, Director, at 607-255-7816.

How do I post a job for current students?  For alums?

Current Students (Alumni 0 - 5 years out): Through CCNet we offer free job and internship postings to all employers posting positions for Cornell students and recent alumni up to five years out. 

Using CCNet, you can post an ILR-specific job-posting. When you enter your job description, if you want only ILR students to submit for your posting, be sure to select "ILR - Industrial and Labor Relations" as a desired Major in the Application Qualifications section. Also indicate (with the drop down choices) if your job is for a targeted audience (i.e. ILR Students/Recent Alumni). For more information and to post, click here.

Alumni: The Alumni Bulletin is circulated weekly electronically and monthly in print (to members who request this format), and is accessible from a members-only web site. Postings are free of charge to organizations that are filling positions directly. Search firms are charged a modest fee for job postings. Employers can post positions online. Should you have questions, please contact the Alumni Bulletin Coordinator at 607-255-5584 or via e-mail at for more information.

How do I arrange an On Campus Recruiting visit?

Once you know the date you would like to come to campus, please click here.

What policies must I adhere to while recruiting Cornell students?

Click here to review our employer recruiting policies.

How do I set up an Employer Information Session?

We recommend that you make arrangements with Ann Herson in the ILR Conference Center at She will work with you to arrange a session right here in the ILR School. We offer two time frames for your information session: 5:00-6:30 p.m. or 6:30-8:00 p.m. We recommend your information session be no longer than one and a half hours in length. If you need an alternate arrangement, please work with Ann. If you would like to have your information session in the Statler Hotel, contact Alycia Dalton, Sales Manager at the Statler Hotel at 607-254-2600.

Does your office provide resume books?

The ILR Office of Career Services produces three résumé books each year. To order one or all of our résumé books, call 607-255-7816 to request them.

What type of Career Fairs does your office provide?

We host an Annual ILR Career Fair in October each year in the Carrier Ballroom of the Statler Hotel on campus.  Each spring our office sponsors the Social Justice Career Fair as a part of ILR's Union Days activities.

What opportunities exist for me to hire a student to work as an intern?

We offer a variety of internship opportunities for students, including two winter internship programs: the Freshman Externship Program (FEX) and the Winter Intersession Program (WISP). Semester-long internships are possible through ILR's Credit Internship Program. Many of our students do take advantage of one of these programs or a summer internship. In fact, a number of graduates entering the workforce from our bachelor's and master's programs report finding their jobs through their internship experience. For information on how to structure a summer internship, typical internship projects or job duties, as well as mean summer intern salaries, please contact Regina Duffey Moravek, Director, at 607-255-7816.

What avenues are available for me to get more involved with the ILR School and student body?

Let us provide you with a sampling of options:

  • Facilitate or present a workshop related to career development interests
  • Conduct mock interviews with our students for "real world" practice
  • Sponsor career-related professional attire, such as portfolios or business card holders for students who complete our practice interview program
  • Sponsor winter internships through our WISP (Winter Intersession) and FEX (Freshman Externship) programs
  • Mentor students who are exploring career paths by offering résumé critiques and general advice
  • Sponsor our annual Ice Cream Social event in September
  • Participate in School and ILR Career events, such as our ILR Career Fair (fall), Fireside Chat (diversity hosting the evening before the Corporate Career Fair), Labor Roundtable (fall), CAHRS Executive Roundtable (fall), and the Social Justice Career Fair (spring).
  • Participate in a career forum or panel, related to your career field and interests

Please contact Regina Duffey Moravek, Director, at 607-255-7816 to discuss other ideas and options.