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Identifying Candidates

ILR Career Fair Hiring?
Think Cornell ILR!
You'll find terrific candidates and lots of them!

ILR at Cornell is a great source of highly talented job candidates for positions in human resources, business, labor relations, labor unions, governmental agencies, financial institutions, consulting, and other areas.  For information on where our students go to work, please see our postgraduate information.

ILR is the nation's only institution of higher education to offer a four-year undergraduate program focused on workplace issues. The centrality of the workplace in an increasingly complex world is the primary focus at ILR.

With its diverse and distinguished faculty, the school leads the way towards new insights about current and future challenges. Faculty expertise ranges across the workplace-related social science disciplines, including economics, sociology, history, psychology, political science, law, and statistical analysis. Cutting-edge research, excellence in teaching, and commitment to outreach remain ILR's defining characteristics.

The staff in the Office of Career Services are eager to help you discover ways to develop ties with our students, to provide them experiential learning opportunities, and to identify candidates for your positions. We use a combination of technology and personal service to help you tailor your recruitment efforts to achieve results.