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Office of Career Services

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Connect With Our Students

Students attend an ILR Union Days eventOne way alumni can give back to ILR is by encouraging their employers to hire other graduates for summer or full-time positions. We make it easy for employers to reach internship and entry-level candidates through on-campus interviews, online job postings, recruiting events such as career fairs, and resume books and referrals. Our employer page is full of information about how to hire ILR students, or you can contact us directly for help in developing a hiring strategy. In addition, if your organization has hired an ILR student for a summer internship or full-time job, you have an opportunity to provide guidance or to simply let him/her know you're available. This contact during an important time in their early careers is much appreciated by the ILR Office of Career Services!

If you plan a visit to Ithaca and would be interested in meeting with a group of students to discuss your career path, or to make a presentation to a student group, please let us know. We will try to facilitate this kind of interaction, too.

On-Campus Recruiting

ILR at Cornell is a great source of highly talented job candidates for positions in human resources, labor relations, labor unions, governmental agencies, financial institutions, consulting, and other areas. Click here for on-campus recruiting information.

Job Postings

You may post full-time and summer jobs for Cornell/ILR students online using our web-based system, CCNet. Students and alumni (with zero to five years of experience) access the information through the same system they use to manage their on-campus recruiting activity, and you will receive resumes online through that system. Please visit Cornell Career Services to post your job.

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