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Reach Alumni

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Network: Join the ILR Alumni Association

Many of our graduates join the ILR Alumni Association to stay connected with the School and with fellow graduates who may live nearby. One of the benefits of membership in the Association is receipt of and online access to the ILR Alumni Bulletin, which includes postings of ILR-related positions for which employers are targeting candidates with some experience in the field.

Our Office of Alumni Affairs & Development offers many opportunities for alumni to make a difference to the School. Do stay in touch! We're always interested in hearing what you are doing and keeping your contact information up to date.

To Reach Recent Alumni:  Post on CCNet

You may post full-time and summer jobs for Cornell/ILR students online. Students and alumni (with zero to five years of experience) access the information through the same system they use to manage their on-campus recruiting activity, and you will receive resumes online through that system. Please use this link to post your job.

To Reach Experienced Alumni:  Post in the ILR Alumni Bulletin

If you are interested in receiving resumes from more experienced graduates of our programs, you should consider posting your positions in the ILR Alumni Bulletin, which is produced through our office and is distributed to 1,500 or so members of the ILR Alumni Association. The Alumni Bulletin is circulated weekly electronically and monthly in print (to members who request this format), and is accessible from a members-only web site.  Postings are free of charge to organizations that are filling positions directly. Search firms are charged a modest fee for job postings.  Please post your jobs online.  You may contact the Alumni Bulletin Coordinator at 607-255-5584 or via e-mail at for more information.

To Reach Cornell (outside ILR) Alumni:

If you would like to reach Cornell alumni for opportunities with your organization, please see the resources available through Cornell Career Services.

Connect with Cornell

Learn about the various ways to stay current with Cornell and fellow Cornellians.

Regional Cornell Clubs and Events

The University has nine Regional Offices, located in or near major metropolitan centers throughout the United States, which serve alumni organizations in all cities within their region.  Events and activities sponsored by the regional offices are great ways to connect with alumni to learn about career paths in a field you may be interested in pursuing.

Order Your ILR Memorabilia

If you managed to leave campus without any mementos bearing the ILR name or need to replenish your supply of ILR clothing or accessories, don’t worry.  The School has a full line of gear with our logo available online at

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