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Office of Career Services

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A student participates in a resume critique

Make your résumé stand out

You need to say a lot about yourself very concisely, and your résumé must be appealing to the eye and error-free. Keep in mind that employers assess résumés very quickly, usually in under 30 seconds. You want to be sure to stand out from the crowd for the positive/right reasons!

Where to begin

For assistance on creating a résumé, stop by the ILR Office of Career Services or call 255-7816 to schedule an appointment with one of the advisors or come in during walk-in times.

The Career Guide (pdf), published by Cornell Career Services Office in Barnes Hall, also has helpful information available on how to develop a résumé. There are also sample résumés available online.

If you've done a thorough job with understanding your interests and strengths, developing a résumé should be a relatively efficient process. Even so, most people need help in developing a strong résumé, and this is where the résumé critique comes in.

Résumé Critique

After you have used the resources available to develop your résumé, it's time to enlist the help of others in reviewing your résumé for suggestions and corrections. It is absolutely essential that your résumé is error-free and as thorough as possible.

Our advisors are available by appointment or during walk-in hours to provide feedback on your résumé. Their goal is to help you make a positive impression, so they'll help you by making suggestions to improve the wording, accuracy, and format of your résumé. They often meet with students several times to help them create a strong presentation of their accomplishments and abilities.

In addition, take advantage of our Peer Advisor Program, where knowledgeable and trained students just like you are available to critique your résumé.