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Employer Presentations

Company presentations and union information sessions are an important aspect of the recruitment process, often involving key personnel (e.g., vice presidents, managers, and directors). These often occur on the night before scheduled interviews, usually in the ILR Conference Center, Ives Hall, or at the Statler Hotel. Some employers schedule these visits several weeks before the interview date, while the résumé submission period is still open.

These sessions provide an opportunity for recruiters to meet informally with students and to present information about their organization and job opportunities there. Refreshments are often provided. You can find dates, times, and locations of presentations in CCNet in the calendar section. Students should plan to attend and in fact, can sign up to attend the presentation in CCNet at the presentation details link/page (especially if preselected to interview; recruiters will be looking forward to meeting you). Even if you were not preselected for an interview, you might want to attend the presentation (unless it is open only to those on the interview schedule).  Students have often found this to be a good vehicle for obtaining additional interviews.


Students who attend receptions or presentations are expected to dress appropriately, so we try to include the dress expectations in the presentation description in CCNet. There are generally two types of attire: "Business attire" requires business suits for both male and female students; "Business casual" does not require formal business suits, but jeans are not recommended.  A dress shirt or blouse, khakis or slacks, and jacket are acceptable.  Rarely, some organizations will specifically indicate "casual attire" or "jeans acceptable." Regardless of formality expected, it is always necessary to be neatly and cleanly dressed!


Students are expected to treat all visitors to the ILR School with courtesy and respect at all times. An important part of common courtesy means not being late for a presentation or reception. If you must leave early, notify the host at the beginning of the event and sit near an exit to minimize disruption.