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CCNet Basics

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The Cornell Career Services On-Campus Recruiting Tutorial provides complete information on using the On-campus Recruiting component of CCNet. This tutorial was designed to give you a thorough introduction to the on-campus recruiting tool and to inform you of our expectations for your conduct while recruiting. Completion of the tutorial is required for you to be eligible to participate in on-campus recruiting. This tutorial will require about 35 minutes to complete.  

If you are a new user, you'll need to complete a brief Profile so we can inform you about internships, jobs, special events, prelaw, graduate school...and more! First, spend a few minutes viewing our tutorial to learn how to enter your information to get the most out of our system. (Return users need to update their Profiles each fall before they can use the system.) 

Some of the fields in the Profile are required, while others simply assure that you receive notifications from Cornell Career Services about programs and opportunities that might interest you. It is important to keep your Profile updated at all times.

Upload Your Résumé

Make sure you have a final, error-free copy of your résumé at the computer where you're working. Click on the "Documents" and "Your Resumes" from the CCNet page. Initially the system will tell you "You have not uploaded any resume yet." At that spot, click on the "Upload A Résumé" link.

Choose a name for your résumé, and browse your computer or disk to find the document you want to upload. (If you don't see the document title, make sure the system is browsing for "all file types.") Click the "Upload" button and review your résumé.

Submit Your Résumé

Follow our on-campus recruiting links and select "CCNet" to log on to the site. Here you can find out which employers are coming to campus, and which positions they’ll be filling. The Search for Jobs and Internships page provides 1-Click Searches to help you in your search. You can search by "Newest Jobs," "Jobs with upcoming application deadlines," "Jobs with upcoming interview schedules," and "Jobs with Open interview schedules."

Click on the "Job Description Title" of the jobs that look interesting to you to see the complete job description. If you are eligible for the position and want to be considered for it, click on the "Apply Online" link at the bottom of the page. Your resume will be available for that employer for consideration for "preselect" status. You may do this for any and all positions you are eligible for.

Employers will then select those students deemed most appropriate for current hiring needs. Some—but not all—notify students of their preselect status. Rather than waiting for this notification, you should get in the habit of checking "Your Active Applications" in CCNet frequently. Using the "Your Active Applications" feature, you can see the organizations you submitted resumes to for preselection, which organizations have preselected you or chosen you as an alternate, and which interviews you have signed up for.

Sign Up for an Interview

Once you have been Accepted for a job interview that you have applied for, you can sign up for a slot on an interview schedule. Click on the Sign Up link for the application for which you want to sign up for an interview. On the Application Details page, click on the link to Sign Up for Interview. The Interview Sign Up page displays the available interview slots for the job. Slots that are filled will be indicated onscreen and you will not be able to sign for those slots. Click on the radio button for the available slot you would like to sign up for. Click on the Save button.

Close to the interview date, some employers allow any open interview slots to be filled by qualified students who were not preselected. To identify available open interview slots, use the 1-Click Search to search for "Jobs with Open interview schedules." This will produce a list that shows all pertinent dates for each interview schedule, including when "Sign-up goes open." If the schedule has "gone open," you’ll be able to sign up for an interview, provided there are still slots available.

Prepare for the Interview

Read the job descriptions carefully to learn whether the employer has indicated requirements to complete a company application before the interview (usually online or available in our office). Look also for instructions to bring a transcript, writing sample, or other items to your interview. Be completely prepared with these materials.

We encourage you to schedule a practice interview. Attend any scheduled employer information sessions. Make a list of questions you have about the company and the job opportunity. Take some time to review what you want to accomplish in the interview, and what you would like the interviewer to know about you. The best tools you have going into an interview are to know yourself, know what you want, and know enough about the employer to ask intelligent questions. Additional interview advice

The Interview

Please report to 201 Ives Hall for all ILR interviews. Check the OCS website and your e-mail for last-minute cancellations or other important information. You should arrive for your interview 10 to 15 minutes early to prepare yourself mentally. Be sure your cell phone is turned off. Some employers have "greeters" (often they are recent graduates) who will be in the reception area of our office to speak with you while you wait for your interview. Consider this time to be part of the interview process; remain poised and professional.  

Résumé Collections

Résumé Collections are used to collect résumés but are different than on-campus résumé collections for Preselect events (for on-campus interviews).

Employer Résumé Collections are set up when an employer wishes ONLY to collect student résumés (they have chosen not to set up a visit to campus). Upon review of the résumés, they may choose to conduct phone interviews, come on campus, etc.

Résumé Collections are used to collect resumes for the ILR Résumé Books, and are also used to collect resumes for the WISP and FEX programs.