Cornell University

Office of Career Services

201 Ives Hall, 607-255-7816

On-Campus Recruiting

All currently enrolled Cornell undergraduate and graduate students on the Ithaca Campus are eligible to participate in on-campus recruiting. Employers interviewing through ILR Career Services in Ives Hall seek candidates who have training in ILR-specific fields—such as Human Resources Management, Labor Relations or Human Resources Consulting—for full-time jobs and summer internships.

Financial service institutions, retailers, non-profit organizations, and other employers who are seeking graduates across a wider range of majors and degrees generally schedule their on-campus visits through Cornell Career Services (CCS). These interviews take place in Barnes Hall or at the Statler Hotel. Because ILR students also have interests that span out of the ILR-specific fields, you should investigate all of the opportunities that are open to you. You can gain access to all of these jobs by registering for our on-line system, CCNet and look for posting with interview schedules and use the On-Campus Recruiting link. CCNet is a web-based program that is also used for posting jobs, student resumes, student career interest profiles, and alumni mentor information specifically for Cornellians.  Additional job-search resources are available at the site.

The Cornell Career Services On-Campus Recruiting Tutorial provides complete information on using the on-campus recruiting component of CCNet. This tutorial was designed to give you a thorough introduction to the on-campus recruiting tool and to inform you of our expectations for your conduct while recruiting. Completion of the tutorial is required for you to be eligible to participate in on-campus recruiting.

By registering with CCNet you agree to abide by CCS's On-Campus Recruiting Policy. If you choose to participate in on-campus recruiting, you will be using the On-Campus Recruiting link.  Read these policies carefully and become familiar with them.