Cornell University

Office of Career Services

201 Ives Hall, 607-255-7816

Practice Interview Program

A student conducts a practice interview in the interview rooms

In order to help you prepare fully for your on-campus interviews, the Office of Career Services provides a practice interview program. This program offers mock interviews on videotape with a trained volunteer or one of our staff members. You and the interviewer will play back the videotape to review your performance. This helps you learn what adjustments you need to make in your interview style.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your interview performance. You will often find that this program also helps reduce your level of nervousness before the first "real" interview that you have on campus.

Sign up for a practice interview time in 201 Ives Hall at least 24 hours in advance. Leave or e-mail a copy of your résumé for the interviewer to review. If you're practicing for a specific interview you could also leave a copy of that job description so that the interviewer can develop some appropriate questions. You may dress for the interview as you would for the real thing or in your everyday clothes, whichever you prefer. Plan for the whole process to take about an hour.