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Office of Career Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

A view of the coopola atop Ives HallStudents can often benefit from hearing the answers to others' questions. So, we've collected a few of the questions we hear repeatedly in our office.

I'm not a senior yet. Is there any reason I should use Career Services?

Definitely! Seniors and alumni continually tell us they wish they had used our services earlier. It's always a great idea to begin exploring your career options early. That way you'll have a better idea what it really is that you want to do after you graduate. We'll help you early on with preparing a résumé, networking with alumni, considering your options, gaining experience in the field, and more.

Do I need an appointment to see someone in your office?

Not necessarily. You can see a professional staff advisor or a peer (student) advisor during walk-in hours available daily to review your resume or cover letter, to help with your job-search strategy, to provide general career advising and interview feedback, to help you decide between job offers, etc. Appointments are also available if you need more than the 15 minutes a walk-in allows.

How can I have my résumé and cover letter reviewed?

Our advisors would be happy to review your résumé and/or cover letter, by appointment or during walk-in hours. Their goal is to help you make a positive impression, so they'll help you by making suggestions to improve the wording, accuracy, and format of your résumé. It's a good idea to do a bit of groundwork before you meet with them, so review this site and the Cornell Career Services Career Guide (available in our office) for some basic guidelines. Come to your meeting with a list of prior activities or a draft of your résumé.

How do I conduct a job search using the resources in your office?

Depending on your interests, you might conduct a job search (for summer internships or full-time jobs) on campus using our on-campus recruiting program. You'll want to schedule an appointment with an advisor to develop a strategy for conducting an individualized job search, especially if your career interests fall outside of those organizations that use on-campus recruiting to fill their hiring needs. It's always a good idea to use the practice interview program, to develop your personal network through ILR contacts, and to improve your resume and cover letters through our personalized reviews. Also refer to our list of career-related programs that may help you develop job-search skills.

Why does your office only have companies recruiting for human resources?

Organizations come to ILR to recruit graduates in the "traditional" ILR fields. Many companies know we graduate highly qualified students in the areas of human resources, labor relations, and HR consulting. They recruit through CCS in Barnes Hall when they want to attract students from all colleges for general business or financial services careers. Labor unions, and non-profit or government organizations will want to connect with our students but may not do so through on-campus recruiting.

What about students interested in labor or public service?

OCS sponsors a social justice career fair in the spring semester as part of the ILR School's Union Days activities. In general, labor unions and government agencies do not have the annual hiring needs that corporations have, and instead hire against immediate need for employees. Their requests for applications tend to reach us much closer to graduation time than the majority of on-campus recruiting. Be sure to sign up for our e-mail lists to stay informed about these opportunities. The library in 103 Barnes Hall has many resources on pursuing careers in non-profits and the public sector. Be sure to refine your networking skills to identify opportunities in these areas. Here are some more tips on Exploring and Getting a Job in the Labor Movement.

What salary range should I be expecting?

Overall mean salaries and median salaries for both bachelor's and master's level students are available on the Postgraduate Reports for ILR and for Cornell overall.