Information for Alumni

Welcome Back, Alumni

Stay engaged with ILR Career Services! We encourage you to utilize resources, recruit and assist current students, and stay connected with other ILR alumni.

Career Advising

The Director and advising staff are available to provide alumni 0-5 years out job-search advice via phone consultations when available. Alumni with more than 5 years’ work experience often find networking with other alumni to be valuable to their specific career needs.

Job Postings in the ILR Alumni Bulletin

Seeking a career or job change? One of the benefits of membership in the Alumni Association is online access to the weekly ILR Alumni Bulletin, which contains job postings for which employers are targeting ILR alumni with experience in the ILR fields.

Connect with Our Students

One way alumni can give back to ILR is by serving as an informal mentor or sponsor to current students wishing to participate in experiential project-based winter internships (WISP or the Winter Intersession Program) and shadowing opportunities (FEX or Freshman Externship Program).

Another way alumni can give back is by encouraging their employers to hire ILR students for summer internships or full-time positions. We make it easy for employers to reach students through on-campus interviews, online job postings, and recruiting events such as career fairs and forums. Our employer page contains information about how to hire ILR students, or you can contact us directly for help in developing a hiring strategy. In addition, if your organization has hired an ILR student or ILR intern, you have an opportunity to provide guidance or to simply let him/her know you're available. This contact during an important time in their early careers is much appreciated by the ILR Office of Career Services!

If you plan a visit to Ithaca and would be interested in meeting with a group of students to discuss your career path, or to make a presentation to a student group, please let us know. We will try to facilitate this kind of interaction, too.

As you know, ILR at Cornell is a great source of highly talented job candidates for positions in human resources, labor relations, labor unions, governmental agencies, financial institutions, consulting, education, and the many career fields ILR students pursue. View the varied career fields our students pursue and click here if you’d like to participate in our On-Campus Recruiting program. If you can’t make it to campus, take advantage of our Job Postings using the same web-based system, Handshake. You may post full-time and summer jobs for Cornell and ILR students online to students and alumni (with zero to five years of experience) and you will receive resumes online through that system. Please visit Cornell Career Services to post your job.

Connect with ILR Alumni

To stay connected to the ILR School, join the ILR Alumni Association. One benefit of membership is online access to the ILR Alumni Bulletin, which contains job postings from employers wishing to reach experienced ILR alumni for positions in the ILR fields.

If your employer would like to post opportunities to reach ILR alumni, follow the job postings link above to reach recent alumni (zero to five years of experience). To reach more experienced alumni, post in the ILR Alumni Bulletin. The Alumni Bulletin is produced weekly and postings are free of charge. Search firms are charged a modest fee. For more information, contact the Alumni Bulletin Coordinator at 607 255-5584 or by email

To connect with ILR alumni and other Cornellians, be sure to check out the events and activities sponsored by Cornell regional clubs and alumni associations. There are more than 80 active domestic clubs and 30 international clubs that together produce more than 1,000 events per year. Events and activities sponsored by dedicated alumni volunteers are great ways to connect with alumni to network and learn about career paths in a field you may be interested in pursuing. More resources for alumni at

Post a Job to ILR Alumni