Hire ILR Students

Student Facts


ILR prides itself on the ethnic, racial and geographic diversity of its students and is responsive to social, academic, and cultural needs of minority students. ILR students hail from all corners of the country and world. For information on current class year demographics, please contact Regina Duffey Moravek, Director, at (607) 255-7816.

What makes ILR unique?

It is the only institution of higher education in the United States to offer an undergraduate degree in the interdisciplinary field of workplace studies. ILR's curriculum spans six academic departments and encompasses the interdisciplinary, social sciences-based field of workplace studies.

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Assessing Student Interest

If you are interested in assessing student interest in a position before deciding to visit campus for interviews, you may want to set up an online job posting using Handshake. We can also help you use the system to collect résumés from a specific target group if you wish to fill a position without visiting campus.

On-Campus Recruiting

The ILR Office of Career Services hosts an active on-campus recruiting program managed through Handshake. Employers find on-campus visits to be a very effective way to identify prospective summer interns and full-time hires.

We work with you to make your visit productive. In general each interview schedule can include nine to twelve (thirteen) interviews, depending on length of interview. Some employers set up separate schedules for different positions, while others will combine candidates (for instance, for summer and full-time positions) on one schedule.

All employers — whether recruiting our students on campus or at their own locations — are expected to adhere to Cornell Career Service's recruiting policies.

The Fall 2016 recruiting calendar runs from September 12 until December 2 (with summer internship interviewing to begin on October 5), and the Spring 2017 calendar runs from January 30 until May 10 (MILR schedules begin on 2/13). To schedule a recruiting date for 2016-17, please visit career.cornell.edu.

Once your reservation request is complete, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail, with instructions for arranging your on-campus visit. You may wish to hold a presentation or information session for ILR students in conjunction with your visit. Please view the OCR Managing Tips for help.

From this point forward, you will be working with our ILR Recruiting Coordinator, Dottie Carlson, 607-255-2724, djc5@cornell.edu, on your plans for your visit.

Summer Internships

Many employers ask if they are legally required to pay students enrolled in an internship. The answer to that question depends on whether or not the student is considered an employee subject to the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA requires employers to pay all employees at the rate of not less than current minimum wage. The Department of Labor (DOL) has developed criteria to assist employers in identifying when a student is not considered an employee within the meaning of the FLSA:

  1. The training, even though it includes actual operation of the facilities of the employer, is similar to that which would be given in a vocation school.
  2. The training is for the benefit of the trainees or students.
  3. The trainees or students do not displace regular employees, but work under their close observation.
  4. The employer that provides the training derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the trainees or students, and on occasion the employer's operations may actually be impeded.
  5. The trainees or students are not necessarily entitled to a job at the conclusion of the training period.
  6. The employer and the trainees or students understand that the trainees or students are not entitled to wages for the time spent in training.

A student not meeting all of the above criteria will in fact be considered an employee covered by the FLSA and therefore the employer is legally obligated to provide compensation for his or her services. As with all matters requiring legal interpretation, it is always wise for employers to work closely with their own legal department to ensure compliance with federal and applicable state laws.

Interview Feedback

We ask employers who conduct on-campus interviews to provide us some candid feedback on the students they meet. This information helps students identify areas of strength and for improvement in their interviewing style. We share recruiters' evaluations anonymously with students—only after we have comments from more than one recruiter—during individual advising sessions. The Interview Feedback Form is included in the packets of information we provide each recruiter on the day of the on-campus visit.

Tips to a Successful Recruiting Visit


  1. Complete online Interview Request Form.
  2. You may wish to hold a presentation or information session for ILR students in conjunction with your on-campus recruiting visit. Limit time of your presentation to one and one-half hours maximum.
  3. Enter or update job description in Handshake.
  4. Become familiar with Handshake and monitor résumé submissions.
  5. Be prepared to preselect and email students in Handshake (personally let them know they are invited to interview, as well as to remind students of any scheduled presentations or information sessions, or any forms you may need them to complete prior to their interview).
  6. To assist in filling your schedule, it's important to select alternates, in the event preselected students choose not to sign up on the schedule.
  7. Monitor schedule sign-ups in Handshake to see that your schedule is as you expect.
  8. Look for frequent email messages from Dottie Carlson, Recruiting Coordinator, and keep in contact throughout the process.
  9. Establish a timeline for your recruitment goals.


  1. Provide clear expectations surrounding your recruitment process.
  2. Provide information about your organization, the positions you are recruiting for, career paths, and anticipate questions from a college-aged student audience.
  3. Provide opportunities for questions and networking.
  4. Please stay in touch with Regina Duffey Moravek, Director, if you have any changes, questions or concerns.


  1. Notify students regarding decisions and next steps in a timely manner. Students rely on the response dates you've established to make good decisions while considering their options. Employers who adhere to well-established and short timelines impress upon the student that they are truly interested in their candidacy.
  2. Consider establishing a contact person for consistency in communication and developing a personalized relationship with students.

Employer Presentations

If you would like to hold a presentation or information session for ILR students in conjunction with your on-campus recruiting visit, we recommend that you make arrangements with Ann Herson in the ILR Conference Center at ilrconferencecenter@cornell.edu. She will work with you to arrange a session right here in the ILR School. We offer two time frames for your presentation: 5:00-6:30 p.m. or 6:30-8:00 p.m. We recommend your presentation be no longer than one and a half hours in length. If you need an alternate arrangement, please work with Ann.

To make your presentation as productive as possible, we recommend you limit the time of your presentation to one to one and a half hours, and consider sending an e-mail message to invited students (students on your interview schedules).

After you have confirmed a date, place and time for your reception, please call Dottie Carlson (607-255-2724) with the details so we can help publicize the event to students.

Résumé Books

In addition to our on-campus recruiting program, you have several options to reach students through job postings and our ILR Résumé Books. ILR student résumés may be obtained by ordering one or all of the current Résumé Books.

The ILR Office of Career Services produces three résumé books each year.

Fall Term (ready by mid-October):

International students earning bachelor's and master's degrees looking for internship or full-time positions are represented in our International Résumé Book. The book features students from ILR's diverse international populace whose interests, language skills and, in some cases, dual citizenship, make a global, US, offshore or home-country assignment particularly appealing.

The Minority Résumé Book contains résumés of minority students enrolled in the ILR School. Students of African, Asian, Latino/a and/or Native American descent have submitted their résumés for review by you for both intern and full-time employment opportunities.

Spring Term (ready by mid-March):

The Labor and Social Justice Résumé Book, which features résumés from ILR students who are seeking internship and full-time opportunities in labor unions, labor research, and social justice. This book is provided to all organizations attending the Social Justice Career Fair and to others on request.

The International, Minority, and Labor and Social Justice Résumé books are available to employers at no cost. To request a copy, please call 607-255-7816 or email ilrcareers@cornell.edu.

Posting a Job to Experienced ILR Alumni

To reach more experienced alumni, post in the ILR Alumni Bulletin by filling out this form. The Alumni Bulletin is produced weekly and postings are free of charge. Search firms are charged a modest fee. For more information, contact the Alumni Bulletin Coordinator at 607 255-5584 or by email ilrab@cornell.edu